asterisk: Asterisk PBX with Sample Configs

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Version:1.4.22 License:GPLv2
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Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony development platform that can both replace a conventional PBX and act as a platform for developing custom telephony applications for delivering dynamic content over a telephone similarly to how one can deliver dynamic content through a web browser using CGI and a web server. Asterisk talks to a variety of telephony hardware including BRI, PRI, POTS, and IP telephony clients using the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol (e.g. gnophone or miniphone). For more information and a current list of supported hardware, see

Arch: src

Build Date:Wed Jun 3 16:33:33 2009
Packager:VoIP Consulting <vc-rpms{%}voipconsulting{*}nl>
Size:55.42 MiB


* Wed Jun 3 21:00:00 2009 <admin{%}trixbox{*}org>
- Added better video support to chan_sip
* Thu Nov 29 20:00:00 2007 VoIP Consulting <vc-rpms{%}voipconsulting{*}nl> - 1.4.15-19
- update to 1.4.15 (security release)
- update to svn rev 90230
* Thu Nov 29 20:00:00 2007 VoIP Consulting <vc-rpms{%}voipconsulting{*}nl> - 1.4.14-18
- update to svn rev 90182
- update asterisk-core-sounds-en to 1.4.8
- update libpri requirement to 1.4.2

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