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wanpipe-modules-2.6.18-92.1.18.el5: Sangoma WANPIPE package for Linux. It contains the WANPIPE kernel drivers. Please install wanpipe-util package for wanpipe utilties and configuration files.

Name:wanpipe-modules-2.6.18-92.1.18.el5 Vendor:Sangoma Technologies Inc.
Version:3.3.15 License:GPL
Linux Drivers for Sangoma AFT Series of cards and S Series of Cards. Wanpipe supports the following protocols, TDM Voice, Frame Relay, X25(API), PPP,Multi-link PPP, CHDLC and custom API development for WAN and Voice. Install Wanpipe-util package for wanpipe utilities and configuration files.

Arch: i686

Build Date:Tue Dec 23 13:04:57 2008
Size:5.08 MiB


* Mon Dec 8 14:00:00 2008 Nenad Corbic <ncorbic{%}sangoma{*}com> - Beta - 3.3.15

- Added support for new B600 Analog Card

- Added task stop function on shutdown.
  This feature prevents an unlikey event that task gets
  scheduled after card has shutdown.

- Fixed tty driver for new Linux Kernel 2.6.26 and greater

- Fixed tristate mode using wanpipemon
  Used to enable/disable T1/E1 transmitter.
  wanpipemon -p aft for help.

- Fixed yellow alarm handler on T1/E1

- Added an option to run Zaptel & TDM API on same span.

- Fixed E3 Support for A301 cards.
  A301 cards need new Firmware v11 and CPLD v0.
  wanrouter hwprobe verbose shows current firmware and cpld version.
- Fixed Serial AFT card events
  Added X21 Support

- Added XMTP2 API for old PMC T1/E1 cards.

- Fixed Channel Bank ring problem on AFT T1/E1 cards.
  Some channel banks would ring all phones on card stop.
  This is now fixed.

- Updated AFT Core to fix XMTP2 startup with 16E1 links.

- Updated API for A14X Serial Cards
  Ability to recevie Modem Events.

- Updated for Serial A14X API
  API for setting and receiving line events
  Sample code wanpipe-<version>/api/aft/aft_api_serial.c

- Updated Serial A14X for NRZI
  New firware update v05

- Added wanrouter hwprobe dump
  Should be used for programs to parse hwprobe easilty
* Wed Oct 8 15:00:00 2008 Nenad Corbic <ncorbic{%}sangoma{*}com> - Beta - 3.3.14

- Updated TDM API 
  This update helps FreeSwitch analog support.

- Analog TDM API TAPPING Feature
  Sangoma Analog cards and TDM API used in TAPPING mode can be used to build
  custom call recording applications

- Enabled Zaptel/DAHDI operation mode 
  This driver supports DAHDI/Asterisk
  Dahdi is supported on Asterisk 1.6 and 1.4
  Added dahdi to installation modes.
	-> ./Setup install 	#General installation
	-> ./Setup zaptel	#Zaptel based installation
	-> ./Setup dahdi	#Dahdi based installation
	-> ./Setup bri		#SMG BRI installation

- LibSS7 MTP2 Option
  The MTP2 option improves the performance of LibSS7
  eg: instead of using: dchan=24 use mtp2=24
  Please consult libss7 documentation.

- Updated TDM API for A200
  Fixes FreeSwitch OpenZAP with TDM API for Analog

- Bug fix in XMTP2 API
  The fifo error could cause xmtp2 buffering to fail

- wanpipemon utility
  Updated T1/E1 Loopback commands
  Bug fix on 2.6.25 kernels

- Driver compile update for Latest
  2.6.26 kernels

- Update AFT driver to implement new loopback commands

- Updated for 56K driver

- Added Asterisk DAHDI Support

- A200/A400 Analog driver update
  Bug fix possible race condition due to front end interrupt.

- AFT Core Update
  Disabled fifo overrun handling in transparent mode.
  It does not provide any improvement.
  XMTP2 API mode could run out of buffers due to overrun errors.
  This has now been fixed.

- Fixed A301 E3 Support
  New firmware V11 is needed.
  Please upgrade firmware before starting up the card.
  To check firmware run: wanrouter hwprobe
* Mon Sep 1 15:00:00 2008 Nenad Corbic <ncorbic{%}sangoma{*}com> - Beta - 3.3.13

- This release was never released.

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