firmware-polycom: Firmware for Polycom phones

Name:firmware-polycom Vendor:Polycom
Version:2.1.2 License:Free
Release:2 URL:
Polycom SoundPoint(R) IP and SoundStation(R) IP Software Release SIP 2.1.0 and BootROM 3.2.3 rev B This feature release includes some product enhancements and improvements. Refer to the Release Notes and Technical Bulletins for more details. It is recommended that customers upgrade their phones to this release after an appropriate level of system testing. WARNING: The Server Redundancy Behavior in SIP 2.1 has changed from that implemented in prior releases. Prior to SIP 2.1 the reg.x.server.y parameters (see section of the SIP 2.0 Administrator’s Guide) could be used for fail-over configuration. The older behavior is no longer supported. Customers that are using the reg.x.server.y configuration parameters where y>=2 should take care to ensure that their current implementations are not adversely affected. For example the phone will only attempt advanced SIP features such as Shared Lines, Missed Calls, Presence with the Primary Server (y=1). Refer to the Release Notes and supporting documentation for details. This Release supports the following products: SoundPoint IP 300, 301 SoundPoint IP 430 SoundPoint IP 500, 501 SoundPoint IP 600, 601 SoundPoint IP 650 SoundStation IP 4000 For build-id information, refer to the sip.ver file included in the release zip file. For details on changes in this build, refer to the relevant Release Notes.

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Fri Jun 29 11:27:38 2007
Size:21.24 MiB


* Thu Jun 21 21:00:00 2007 version 2.1.2 - 3.2.3 rev B
- Firmware updated to 3.2.3 rev B
* Tue Apr 10 21:00:00 2007 version 2.1.0
- First Release
- read release notes for changelog available from

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